Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#GiveAllTheThings: I Heart Guts.

UPDATE: Here are the winners!

First prize:
Q: What did one busted pancreas say to the other busted pancreas?
A: Nothing. Pancreases can't talk. Duh.
Second prize:
Hey Pancreas, You're so useless, even the Kardashians pity you.
Third prize:
My pancreas is just like my massage clients. It lays there and lets me do all of the work!

* * * * *

What you can win: Pancreas-themed goodness: a plush, pins, and/or keychains! There will be three winners.

Made possible by: I Heart Guts (http://iheartguts.com/)

Why you want this: Because you have a sense of humor; because these pancreases are worth far more than the one in your body anyway, and because they will make you smile, laugh, and squeal with joy. Probably all at the same time.


To enter today's contest: Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter today's contest. You can earn two entries by leaving a comment on this blog post (required) with your best pancreas insult ("The last time you had a job, Ronald Reagan was president", "You look like a wiener"). Facebook and Twitter love for I Heart Guts earns you another two entries. Four, total!

First prize is the plush pancreas and a pin.
Second prize is the keychain and a pin.
Third prize is two pins.

Rules: This contest ends tonight at midnight CST, and is open only to U.S. addresses. #GiveAllTheThings contests are intended for people with diabetes (or their caregivers) only. Since the Rafflecopter widget requires you to share an email address, I'll be emailing the winner (as well as announcing them through an update on this post) Wednesday morning - you'll need to respond to me by Friday evening (let's say 7:00 pm CST) with your shipping address in order to claim your prize. If I don't hear from you, I'll pick a new winner. You can only win one prize.

Good luck!

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  1. i'm terrible at jokes. but i really would love a pancreas thing since mine is dead.

    here goes;

    "yo pancreas is so dysfunctional it belongs on Jerry Springer's top 10 dysfunctional people!" (except it's an organ. go with it)

    worst joke I"ve ever made up. pick me anyway?

    1. Effort > actual laughter. :) (But I did chortle.)

  2. Pancreas joke.... I'm not so good at that. I'm much better at a pancreas rant!

    Such as...
    Seriously pancreas? People do more work in high school than you did! You didn't even last for three years before you crapped out! Way to be lazy.

  3. I googled that because I fail at jokes and lo and behold there aren't any... My pancreas is more useless than my spleen, and we all know that spleens don't really do anything. (I don't know, I just want a pretend pancreas!)

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  5. Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Pancreas who?

  6. Every party has a pooper. Party poopin'pancreas!

  7. What does the broken pancreas say to it's owner? "Islet you down".

  8. This is terrible, but I've been wanting that plush for forever!

    A pancreas and its owner walk into a bar. The bartender asks what they'll be having, the pancreas says it'll have a regular coke, then says the owner will be having a shot.

    Terrible...so sorry!!

  9. Pancreas schmancreas!

    (That's the problem.)

    Also, it does kind of look like a wiener!

  10. Q: What did one busted pancreas say to the other busted pancreas?
    A: Nothing. Pancreases can't talk. Duh.

  11. Hey Pancreas, You're so useless, even the Kardashians pity you.

  12. My pancreas is lazier than my 13-year-old dog.

  13. My panky is cranky, so I gave it a hanky....or just some insulin.

  14. The mark of a lazy pancreas: it gets shot at all day, and doesn't even move.

    Or, perhaps: I dreamed I was eating a giant marshmallow (because diabetes was cured), and when I woke up, my pancreas plush was gone!

  15. This is awesome. Cause I need multiple pseudo ones to shame my real pancreas.

  16. I would prefer the plush and the pin.. so when I get frustrated with diabetes, I can stab the plush pancreas with its pancreas pin. JUST KIDDING.

    ALSO - my pancreas decided to die around the time that Madonna replaced her bras with cones. Coincidence? I think not.

  17. "oh pancreas,oh pancreas, your shriveled up cells are so...lovely?" #notquite

  18. I want the plush. I'm pretty sure my pancreas is super sad that it doesn't work anymore and is tired of collecting disability pay in the form of an insulin pump. It needs to get out of the system and back to the workforce!

  19. I love the plush, but the keychain is also cool. Can you imagine the conversations that could start?

  20. I won the plush last year and sleep with it (I know, weirdo). I then bought the stomach and intestines and sleep with them too. Yeah, things are pretty wild in my world ;)

  21. My pancreas is so lazy, I wouldn't be able to tell it from the plush. Wow. I am horrible at jokes when my almost 2yo is around.

    Knock, knock
    Who's there?
    My pancreas is
    My pancreas is who?
    I don't know either.

    Wow. Still horrible.

  22. The students in my 7:30AM Spanish class are just like my pancreas... they sit there and don't produce anything!

  23. These are hilarious! My joke making organ must be as a broken as my pancreas, but I'm still chuckling of these other jokes!

  24. My pancreas is so lazy that even my appendix does more work than it does. IT'S A VESTIGIAL ORGAN!!!

  25. My pancreas is just like my massage clients. It lays there and lets me do all of the work!

  26. I think I am as good at making up jokes as my son's pancreas is at making insulin! LOL...

    My son's pancreas is so lazy that it didn't even apply for unemployment benefits when it lost its job!

    What instrument does the pancreas play??? -- The violinsulin... get it??? vial insulin??? hahaha!!!

  27. My bad joke is: When asked for a suggestion for travel, the pancreas said, "The best vacation I've ever been on is to the Islets of Langerhans. I do nothing there!" (I'm sorry you had to read that.)


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