Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dexcom G4 Platinum: What I Like (and What I Don't).

A baby and 14 months later, I finally can check "do a follow-up YouTube video on how I like my Dexcom G4 Platinum" off of my to-do list. Remember that unboxing one?

I realize none of this is earth-shattering news, but hey, you know, might as well provide some unsolicited user experience feedback. Mostly I did this so I can stop thinking to myself, "I really should get around to that..."


(I should also note that this video assumes you already know the basic "pros" like, "It tells me trend information!" and "It alarms for high and low BG parameters that I can set!", and "cons" like, "I have to wear a medical device!" and "Holy hell this thing is expensive!".)


  1. Thanks for making a new video, I agree with your lists! Your baby couldn't be any cuter if she tried :)

  2. Weird... I walk down the very short hallway to my bathroom or my bother's room and it doesn't take readings. Maybe it's just mine!

  3. Love your vlogs, Kim. Honest and so real - and always make me smile. It's funny what you said about the case -- I LOVE that one, the flippy leather one that I am guessing you're talking about. I'm stocking up on those, as I've only been a G4 user since August. Agree with what you said about the feeling of it not being as sturdy as 7+, but I don't mind as much just with better accuracy and look and overall sense. Thanks for doing this video. Oh, and nice kid placement at the end there (totally better than product placement!).

  4. Let me start by saying, I love my Dexcom G4! I agree with most of what you said too. Its VERY accurate. I like the alerts because I don't tune them out like the old model. I like the shape and size. I didn't like the case it came with because its a pain in the butt to open and close it every time you want to see the screen which is every 5min ;). I also do not like the delay when you turn on the screen.....Oh does anyone know if there is a way to get different alert sounds onto the device? Like 'Holy Diver' or something.

  5. Love your video... :-) I have had readings over 70 ft away. I wear my sensor on the back of my arm, for at least 3 weeks at a time. Which is awesome because I normally am super clumsy and somehow manage to burn a new sensor at least once a month! lol. I love Dexcom and cannot believe the backlast you got around your Medtronic post... It's the best thing out there...simple as that. P.S. I have the older you know where I can give it to someone? #clueless

    xoxo from Trinidad


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