Friday, May 17, 2013

Week Twenty Seven.

You know that thing where you see a pattern of not ideal after-meal BG readings, and so you finally think to change up some basal rates, and commend yourself: "Yes! This will fix it! I am a genius!" and then you're still over 200 the next morning?

I am currently living that thing.

Pregnancy is shifting from "oh, this isn't so bad" to "oh, this is the part where it's going to get really uncomfortable, huh". I was able to use my stomach as a coaster last night, setting my empty glass on it while I fired off some emails with my phone while sitting on the couch. Every afternoon around 2:30 is when a nap sounds like the most glorious thing I've ever heard of. My feet hurt. Trying to reach those feet hurts my feelings. Every time I stand up, I feel like the first stop needs to be a bathroom. I have weird blotches on my legs that were never there before, and it's totally sexy you guys.

Have I mentioned 27 weeks? Twenty seven!

I've been putting my sewing machine to good (I hope) use the past couple of weeks:

Blame Pinterest: skirt sewn to onesie; leggings made from adult knee-high socks; Boppy cover with invisible zipper.

The production of small hand-sewn baby things helps to quell my terror at not yet having a car seat, stroller, crib, or any of a number of things I've deemed actually important. But we have time and free weekends coming up so I will allow myself to believe that my terror should be short-lived, in this regard anyway. It will all get done, and really, most of what I initially thought of as "must do" is actually "could do after she's here, with some help". It'll be fine.

Sleeping is something I'm no longer skillful at, which is a first for me. Despite usage of a body pillow, I'm still tossing and turning all night. Add in the times I need to get up and pee and it's almost as if I shouldn't bother trying.

But it's things like this that keep my focus on what's important: according to one of my pregnancy tracking apps (I might have four), Baby Girl is now around 2 lbs. and approximately the size of a head of cauliflower. Or a rutabaga, if you're someone who actually knows what one of those looks like.

Knowing we're getting closer and closer to meeting our little girl is one great prize to keep an eye on.


  1. It's the best prize ever! Keep rockin it, Kim!!

  2. A rutabaga is the fance name for turnip which means that her new nickname should be baby turnip because awwwww

  3. How in the world are you 27 weeks already!? AHHHH!!!!!

  4. The socks are very cute and I love the Boppy cover!


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