Friday, May 17, 2013

Guest Post:

"My eyes immediately welled up as I realized that the two pink lines I'd seen a few days prior had not been a fluke. 'Oh, wow!' I said, as my eyes fixated on the small monitor to my right. 'It's... it already looks like a baby! Except it's sort of a shrimp with T-Rex arms, but still...'"

Also not my uterus.

My graceful descriptions of pregnancy and I can be found in a guest post on today!

Two disclaimers: 

1. I'm super honored to be able to share my own feelings and experiences with T1D and pregnancy there, and this was/is not a paid writing gig. Just me lending my voice somewhere that I think it can do some good.

2. The image embedded in that post is not of my uterus, though that kiddo is waving at the camera a bit, so it's actually pretty believable. Nicely done, WTE.

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