Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little Things.

It's a pump infusion site that lasts longer than two days, right down to the last drop.

It's catching that low before you brush your teeth, for once.

It's helping yourself feel better by helping someone else feel better.

It's a pretty number when you didn't expect to see one.

It's that small, defiant tuft of fur on your dog's back that refuses to lie down when he's freshly bathed.

It's being thankful that you were wearing black pants, as that pump site you pulled a couple of minutes ago ended up being a gusher, and now the whole side of your pants is soggy with blood.

It's being thankful that you aren't squeamish.

It's being able to FINALLY thread that damn sewing machine, slightly before going completely Yosemite Sam on it. (I should mention that I haven't sewn since Home Ec class in middle school, and that I bought myself a Singer on Friday through an awesome deal on Amazon. It turns out I can sew straight lines on scrap cloth just fine, thank you, so Project Runway will be my next stop. WATCH OUT.)

It's being thankful for the little things, even if the big things may feel heavier.

It's the little things.


  1. Love it. Thank you. And good luck with your sewing!

  2. Your dog is so cute and his eyes are so expressive!

  3. Catching a low before brushing your teeth. MAJOR DIABETES WIN!

    And I love your dog!

  4. I, too, can sew straight lines...they are useful for lots of things! ;) Thinking I might venture into curved lines to make some PJs for the girls and their dolls for Christmas...yikes!

    ...and lookee who we have there...the doggie! ;)

  5. It's finding a blog post that brings a smile to your face. :) Thanks.

  6. Cute post...didnt realize that pump sites could gush blood. Add that to my list of reasons why I'm not ready for a pump. Ill stick to my pens for now... Love your blog by the way...

    xoxo from Trinidad

  7. It's a post with an awesome picture of a dog named Billy.

    It's a post with an even more picture of a sewing machine getting ready for action.

  8. My pump set worked all the way to zero today. And I got to take the Dexcom free, pump set free shower tonight. My new pump set is working. My new Dexcom set doesn't hurt. Win! Thank you for celebrating the little things with us. You're a gift in my life. HUGS!


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