Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just Not That Into You.

Hey there; it's me
Your CGM sensor of two weeks.
I see that you've noticed
My data-grabbing leaks.

How I'm speaking out of turn;
How I itch like mad.
How I can't even spit out
Most of your numbers - sad.

I was once so accurate;
So error-free.
You threw caution to the wind
And put your trust in me.

But now, my dear
It's time to part ways.
This dingy old sensor
Has lived out his days.

You're clinging to hope
It's yourself you're fooling.
I'm calling this game;
I'm issuing this ruling.

We had a good run
But now I'm afraid we're through
Because the truth, dear friend, is that
I'm just not that into you.



  1. LOVE it! Get down with your poetry self Kim!

  2. I think I'll print this and hang it on the wall next to my sensors.

  3. haha! I feel like this needs to be followed by an "it's not you, it's me" speech :)


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