Tuesday, September 25, 2012

App Photobomb.

I've been using the iBGStar a bit more lately, now that my insurance is finally covering (at second tier pricing, but whatever) the strips for it. I'm finding that when my meter is attached right to my phone it's pretty hard to forget to check my blood sugar, and that serves as a helpful reminder for me.

Cases will be available from the
iBGStar website "soon", I'm told.

Another benefit is the giggling that takes place when the meter is transferring data to my phone. If you're not familiar with the app, there's a little cartoon iBGStar that pops up in the bottom left corner of the screen while data is being pulled. It appears for only a couple of seconds, and then it slides out of view again.

Which, to my brain, makes it look like the little meter is photobombing my glucose readings.

Cheeky little meter, that one.


  1. Have you updated to I0s6 yet? If not...don't. My meter has stopped working with the app....

    1. Oh no! I did update to iOS6 last week, and my meter/app have been working okay. I'm sorry to hear you're having issues! Have you contacted Sanofi about it?

    2. Mine is a little wonky with the upgrade too. If I check my BG without being plugged into my phone with the app open, the app crashes when I try to tag the result later.

      Current estimate for app update is the end of October.

  2. I loved this meter so much,especially being able to tag meals. The screen on the app when you check a blood sugar was so awesome- the blood spinning around reminded me of that school bus show!

    My insurance doesn't cover them, I used the copay card for awhile, but they wouldn't allow but 459 strips every 90 days. Ugh.

    I decided to use the new contour link next meter instead, it is small and links with my pump.

  3. I love my iBGStar, except for one issue I'm having (that Sanofi referred me to a Genius Bar at an Apple Store to fix! Haven't had time to get there yet.) Every time I sync my iPhone to my MacBook, when the sync is finished I cannot open the iBGStar app. That means that all the info I've inserted (except the BGs) disappears (unless I have sent myself an e-mail containing this info. beforehand.) I have not yet made the update to the latest iOS6 yet. I'm afraid to!

  4. omg meter photobombing! awesome!


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