Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Friends For Life: Just Talking.

Chris (of Just Talking podcast and A Consequence of Hypoglycemia fame) assumed the role of cat-herder a couple of times during FFL as he recorded two podcasts with a scattering of adults with T1 (and some of their spouses, too). You'll hear from folks like Lee Ann, Scott, Brian, Jacquie, Jess, Sara, Dayle, Martin, Karen, Simon, Courtney... the list goes on.

We talk about the sessions we were looking forward to, the You Can Do This Project booth (plans, and then the afterthoughts), how we met each other, pregnancy, and anything else that came up.

Head on over and take a listen!

The "before":

The "after":

And if you'd like to watch a small snippet of the conversation, here you go:


  1. AWESOME. I loved the video. I did also realize how awkward and distracting I can be. I should be apologizing to someone, however, I am not sorry. :-p

  2. Brian - you never realized how awkward and distracting you are? Welcome to every day since I met you.


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