Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I've Learned In The Past Week.

The name plate of a medical ID bracelet can make an excellent stand-in for the nickel you don't have when it comes time to change your insulin pump battery.

The DOC now has its own gang symbol. Don't know what it means? Hashtag it.

Sometimes people are brought into our lives - even if only on a brief plane ride - for a reason. It's up to us to make the most of the opportunity.

I was once again reminded of how full of good people this community is, and how welcomed, loved and appreciated we can make each other feel.

I learned that if a small army of people walk into a hospital all wearing the same t-shirt, you're going to get quite a reaction from the male nurse who watches you all walk by.

Four and a half minutes of video can make me laugh and cry and miss my "tour buddies" so, so much.

And I've learned that Billy would totally stick his face in a New-tell-uh jar if I would only let him.


  1. New-tell-uh! YES! We love that stuff!!! (Actually have a jar in my cabinet right now.) I wish I could have been there! Thank you all for sharing!!!

  2. Nuh-uh! He would stick his face into a jar of nuh-tella? Nuh-thing that doggy won't do! (I will not let this go without a fight, you realize.)

  3. I New you would not take the New-s lightly, Kerri. I hate to be a New-sance, but I do believe you're saying it incorrectly.

  4. After Kim's comment, there is nothing NEW to add.


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