Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nobody Panic; The Coffee Is Safe.

A small list of things, because that's how I'm rolling today:
  • Blog stats tell me that the search term "pictures of awesome" frequently brings people here. I do post a lot of Billy pictures (and may have tried to put glasses on him last night to see what would happen - he wasn't okay with it), so I guess that makes sense.
  • The building I work in is going to be experiencing some construction for the next two months - actually, it will all be happening on my floor, specifically. They're building a wall and a new door (with a swipey badge thing - technical terms, people) to close off my area, but this also means that we won't be able to access our break room for that time. My first thought upon hearing this might have been, "But how will I get to the coffeemaker???" Rest assured - they're relocating that, too. We're safe.
  • In pancreas-related news, I saw my doctor again last week. I didn't realize we were checking my A1C until she told me what the result was. Although it's higher than I want it to be (7.1), it is unchanged from last time - and I'm counting that as a good thing. I can be okay with consistency. Onward!
  • I can't believe I'm thinking about Christmas already. WHAT.
I also saw something on Twitter about diabetes flash mobs? Color me intrigued. And blue. ;)


  1. *phew* as long as the coffee maker is accessible all will be good in the world!
    just bring earplugs for the construction.

  2. If I had no coffee access I would survive. If I did not have access to a bathroom I would be more annoyed.

  3. You are thinking of Christmas and I was wondering what Billy was going to dress up as for Halloween!


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