Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Videos And Stuff.

So, I've been video'n lately. (Is that really a verb? No? Can it be? No? Um, too late, I guess.)

Head over to Diabetic 365, where I had the honor of being interviewed by VJ for episode 13 of "People With Diabetes Stories"! Make sure to watch for the squishy foot derailment. (It will make sense - just wait.) We talk about growing up with diabetes, what I hope to come out of the You Can Do This Project, and how I knew Aaron was "the one". (At least, when it came to how he handled/s my diabetes.)

And second, Billy and I also did a short little video in response to this video support of the Diabetes Hands Foundation's annual fundraising drive for TuDiabetes.org (which starts in September - just helping to spread the word a little bit early). It's only 15 seconds, but you get to see Billy in it, so I think it's worth it. :)

(That's also a pretty epic facial expression that YouTube chose - thanks, guys.)

And lastly, I'm starting to feature randomly selected videos for the You Can Do This Project over on http://www.youcandothisproject.com/, so you have another reason to visit that site often... you never know which one I'm going to pick!


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