Monday, July 11, 2011

CWD FFL - Getting Back.

Well, hi there!

The absence of free wifi, a jam packed schedule at the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life conference in Orlando, FL, and my phone's refusal to publish a blog post (not really so smart, are you, Mister Phone?) didn't allow for the intermittent blogging opportunities I'd hoped for last week.

And yet, now that I'm home (but nowhere near unpacked) and have a bit of time, I don't know where to start.

There's so much I want to tell you - about the conference; the "adults with type 1" sessions; D-Coaster Day; the people I met; the fun I had. I want to talk about why I think next year can be even more great. I want to find a time machine and bring you all back with me so we can all live that week again.

But for now, I've got this.

One room, three PWDs, three Dexcoms, three insulin pumps,
and one Super Dog.  The night-long chorus of pump and CGM alarms,
combined with canine sleepy noises, made for some ill-rested nights -
and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. (Those BG readings, however -
those I would have been alright with changing.)

The Team Type 1 crew at FFL 2011. And also, me.

The irony of attending a diabetes conference - ridiculous blood sugars.


  1. Thanks for the early round of photos, Kim! Looks like a great time and lots of fun with everyone, and some really interesting sessions. Can't wait to read more from everyone about the FFL fun. Nice Minnie mug placement behind the Dexcom, too! Welcome back, and good luck re-adjusting to the non-FFL schedule.

  2. I can only imagine what was going on in that room for all three of you to drop like that?? :}

  3. Oh that last picture made me feel good...totally looks like what Bean's graphs have been like!!
    Looking forward to hearing all about the conference. Totally something we'd like to make it to next year!!

  4. get to work on that time machine, will ya?

  5. I bet it was all that delish food! : ) Great pictures, Kim! So..tell us all about it! : )

  6. Oh man, I didn't know about the D-coaster day, but me and the fam were totes at the Magic Kingdom from 8am that day! Maybe we crossed paths without realizing it! Anyway, great pics! :)

  7. This looks like so much fun! Even if diabetes can be one troublesome affair, having a strong support network to give you the will power boost makes the battle seem so much easier, not to mention, a challenge worthy of being cherished.

  8. Shannon! I finally connected the dots and realize who you are! Thanks so much for saying "Hi" during FFL. :) I'm willing to bet there will be a Second Annual D-Coaster Day!

  9. So... you got to hang out with the Team Type 1 people, eh? Well now I'm jealous. :^)

  10. I feel like I'm still trying to get caught up - but seeing all of these pictures brought me right back and made me smile.


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