Thursday, July 21, 2011

DSMA Live With IDF, And A Swim.

There are a couple of things going on today in the world o' diabetes that I think you should know about.

I got this tweet (!/Animas_swim/status/93760144227315713)
yesterday from someone named "Animas_swim", that was asking me to RT something about "diabetic patients swimming the English channel". They had sent it as a reply to something I said earlier that day (with no correlation), so I assumed it to be spam and initially ignored it.


At least, I think it was a "whoops" on my part - because now that I've looked into it more, I think it's totally legit. And I think it's an Animas-sponsored swim team, and it's happening right now, and they're raising money for JDRF. Go take a look at their Facebook page for more info. (

And read this press release about the event:

(Sidenote: the same problem I was having yesterday with Blogger, where I couldn't un-center that paragraph? Yeah, my whole toolbar is gone, so all I can do is type. No bold, italics, linking, font size changes, anything. What the french, toast?)

And secondly, there's a really cool chance to hear directly from Professor Jean Claude Mbanya, the President of the International Diabetes Federation (I wrote a post about it here earlier this month:, and even ask him a question of your own, as he'll be tonight's guest on DSMA Live! Use this link ( to tune in this evening, starting at 9 pm Eastern Time.

Professor Mbanya and the DSMA Live hosts (Cherise, George and Scott) will be discussing the "O is for Outrage" campaign, Life for a Child, and Act on Diabetes Now - all intiatives of the IDF to help raise global awareness of diabetes and the worldwide need for access to medication.

So that's it! And if I could have included pictures in this post (also not an option without my toolbar), this might not have been such a dry read. We could have had images of swimming penguins or something. Sorry dudes!


  1. What is going on with blogger?!?! SERIOUSLY!! It has been driving me crazy. The whole not being able to comment on certain blogs sucks too.

  2. The Animas swimmers are in the water :) a couple of them are swimming with their Animas pumps attached!

  3. I lkie "what the French toast".


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