Friday, May 6, 2011

Of Course.

When I'm feeling especially stressed out or anxious, my left eyelid goes to Twitchy Town.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach will make my heartbeat feel rapid and fluttery, like somehow a hummingbird got trapped in there - and he's being really belligerent about it.

Ice cream? Yes. Always yes.

Flight of the Conchords will make me laugh, guaranteed.

The best ideas seem to come only when I can't write them down: while I'm driving; in the shower; as I'm trying to fall asleep. Also, when I'm "working".

And the universe - or diabetes? - seems to know that as soon as I blog about something, it will change. Streak of fasting numbers in the 200's comes to a screeching halt! (And yeah, I see the additional irony here - just go with it.)

(An additional note: I'm really excited about what I mentioned here on Wednesday, but I'm going to wait until after Diabetes Blog Week is over to share more about it. Thank you so much to everyone who has agreed to participate so far - this is going to be awesome; I just know it!)


  1. No, I'm not winking. (Wink wink) I, too, am stressed and visiting Twitchy Town apparently. More coffee is needed... (looking forward to the "It Gets Better" topic!)

  2. Me too! It sounds awesome...the it gets better! And...whew to the end of the 200s - ugh.

  3. "As soon as I blog about something, it will change" - so incredibly true!

  4. I have learned NOT to write about good numbers... unless I want an instant bad site and ketones :)


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