Monday, October 4, 2010

Robot Meter Cases And Other A-Muse-ing Things.

A and I took a road trip to Denver, CO this past weekend for a concert - the headliner was Muse, with Passion Pit as the opener.  It was a whole lot of fun; it was the first time I'd seen either band play, and the first time I'd ever been to the Pepsi Center.  The show was pretty impressive.  In fact, it bordered on ridiculous.  Example:  Muse is fond of the power slide and the keytar.  Who can get away with that?  Muse can; that's who.

We did a whole lot of walking around downtown Denver, which was great for my numbers.  I was actually in range for several hours on Saturday, which is kind of remarkable considering all of the exercise and Jamba Juice I had.  It's times like those where I'm ever-so-thankful for Jim's help.  He lets me know when I'm dropping too fast, and lets me know when I've severely underestimated the carbs in that cheesecake. 

I've also been on the look-out for a new meter case lately.  The black cosmetic bag will still be in use, for more formal/conservative occasions, but I wanted something a little more "fun".  Something a little bit silly.  Something that would make the 10 - 15 finger sticks I do each day just a little less lame.


I know, it's a little bit juvenile.  And it's a "media case", not a meter case.  But it's like it was meant to be...  It's exactly wide enough to fit my meter and lancing device side-by-side, with the test strip bottle at the bottom, hanging out with the lancets.  The outside pocket fits alcohol swabs just so.  And look at the description on the sticker:

It's a "robot" case.  For my robot parts.  :)


  1. HA. i love the case. it's perfect. i'm glad you had a good weekend. it reminds me of how i spent my first 2 years of college - roadtripping for concerts. good times, good times. :o)

  2. That tag clearly has a test strip on it...

  3. Oh em gee. Muse and robots?! WANT. Want want SUPER WANT. Well, Muse I'll get in a few weeks (woohoo!) but the robot case....I may have to go a-huntin!

  4. Woohoo! Muse! Best show I've ever been to I think.

    Finding fun cases, is, well, fun!


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