Thursday, October 28, 2010


It happened as I finished lunch today.  It's glorious.  I wanted to start cheering - or maybe dancing.  As you can see, I came perilously close to it not happening, but I was able to avert danger both times.

I'm marking today on my calendar, because today is the day that I got my first honest-to-goodness No-Hitter*!


My No-Hitter - brought to you (unofficially) by Chobani Pinapple
Greek Yogurt.  That free case I'm getting won't last long, if this
is what happens.

*The term "No-Hitter" was coined by Holly, of Arnold and Me.  The official definition, from her website:
"A no-hitter (also known as a streamline) is a time period in which a diabetic does not hit their high or low threshold on their CGM. For a Dexcom user, they must be without any alarms during the entire day, and the day must be at least 24 hours. A diabetic who prevents their blood sugars from reaching a threshold is said to have "bolused a no-hitter"."

I didn't vary anything significant in my routine - in fact, thinking back, I actually ate more carbs than I normally do on a weekday.

Some days are just luckier than others.  Today's a good day after all. :)


  1. Congrats! Way to go! Here's to Yogurt - Go, Go Gadget Greek Yogurt!

  2. That seems me you "Bolused a Perfect Game"!! Way to go.

    CGMs continue to amaze me and I think they'll get better yet with improved accuracy / better calibration, etc. (Still wish more people could afford them.. but insurance is a dif. topic entirely!)

  3. woohoo! this makes me jealous (but in a good way) :D i've come close, but never achieved it yet. way to go, kimmypants! that's awesome!

    i also didn't realize chobani was greek yogurt. all that protein is doing you good ;o)

  4. Wow, that is awesome Kim. Good Job, and wishing you many more no-hitter days. :)


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