Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Saturday Seven.

...Because I missed the boat for posting the more typical "Friday Five".  Whoopsie!

  1. Today marks the return of Husker Football, and I'm pumped.  (Ha!)  Apparently so is Facebook, as my feed has nothing but "Go Big Red!" and "Can't wait for the game tonight!" for the past several hours.  I think I can already hear the Tunnel Walk music in my head.  I work about 3 blocks from the edge of campus, and it's always fun to see the beginnings of the football festivities on Fridays.  We're watching the game at home tonight, and the food will be mostly low-carb snacky food:  veggies and dip, deviled eggs, little smokies, etc.  Yay snacks!
  2. My blood glucose levels have been kinda stellar this week, and insulin seems to be going to work faster than I'm used to.  My meter tells me that my 7-day average is 123, and I can be pretty happy with that.  My 90-day average is still 140, though.  I just need to keep plugging away at it.  I attribute this streak mostly to increased exercise.
  3. This past Wednesday was Diabetes Art Day, and wow, were there a lot of participants!  You can see a lot of d-art in one place on Lee Ann Thill's website, The Butter Compartment.  She's the one who started the whole thing!  (Thanks, Lee Ann!)
  4. I'm starting to really dislike Blogger.  Inserting images and trying to edit formatting can be downright infuriating.  Grr.
  5. After almost a quarter-century, my "kidneys don't know I'm diabetic".  That's what a doctor told me this week after I had completed the 24-hour creatnine clearance testing I have to do every once in a while.  YAY!
  6. I'm debating whether or not to attend TCOYD in Des Moines at the end of the month.  I've never gone to a Diabetes Conference before, and this one seems to be the closest one to me (even though it would be at least a 3-hour drive).  But...  I don't really know Des Moines, I don't know where to stay, and the JDRF Walk in Lincoln is the next day.  But it could be fun, and I'd get to hopefully meet some other T1's there.  Decisions, decisions.
  7. Oh, hey, Hurricane Earl?  James Jones called.  He wants his middle name back.  (P.S. Glad all of my east coast friends appear to be unharmed.)
Hope everyone has a stellar weekend!


  1. I have several comments to this post:

    1. There was at least one person on there rooting for the Iowa Hawkeyes. And that was me, who, by the way, won their game.

    2. Isn't 24-hour urine testing fun? Oh, it thrills me to no end.

    3. DES MOINES?! I LOVE DES MOINES! I know of at least one other T1 who would love to meet up with you. Should you choose to visit Iowa, I can help you with finding places to stay.

    4. Iowa is awesome. The end.

    ~C :D:D:D

  2. Way to go on the awesome average and clear kidneys!

    On the TCOYD Des Moines thing, I'm driving down from Minneapolis for it and am staying the weekend. I know Scott Strange is going too. We'll be working the DHF/TuDiabetes booth for at least some of the expo.

    Please, please, please come! :-)

  3. Oooo! Des Moines is becoming more and more a possibility. A might go too (but would probably stay at the hotel the day of the event to study - FT job + night classes = needs all the study time he can find). He's so studious!


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