Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Throwing Out A Line.

I've seen some of my DOC (Diabetes Online Community) buddies mention meet-ups with other T1's in their area lately, and honestly, I'm getting a wee bit jealous.  The only other T1 I know within 50 miles of me, in real life, is the dietician I just saw for the first time a couple of weeks back.

Today was my appointment with my P.A., and I did something a little gutsy.  Actually, I did a few gutsy things.  One was that I told her some of my backstory, and the struggle I've had coming to terms with taking care of myself and the D.  She found it hard to believe, knowing who I am now, that I ever could have been on the opposite extreme of the spectrum, but I certainly was.  We had a great conversation about the often-overlooked side of diabetic care:  the emotional and mental side - which prompted me to tell her gutsy thing #2: "If you have any other adult T1 patients who'd like to get together with another T1, please give them my name and contact info".  I shared that I don't really know any other T1's around here, and how great it's been for me to find the online community.  And then, The Big Gutsy Move:  I gave her my blog address, too!  (Hi, D!)

Having online diabetes connections and resources has been an intregal part of my improved care over the last year, as I've discussed before.  But as great as that support has been, I'd still like the chance to talk to some other T1's face-to-face.  How or when that will happen, I'm not sure.  I'm sending an email tomorrow to my local JDRF chapter contact to see if I can help organize something, if there isn't "something" in place already.  (I'm thinking there probably isn't, or I would already know about it.)

So, on that note - if you live in Nebraska, let me know.  I'd love to get some of "us" together sometime!

And, for those of you who read my last post, here's a bit of follow-up:  my P.A., like myself, is a fan of Whatever Works.  She said if I can simplify my basal pattern, that's great.  If I can't, and I really do need 12 rate changes, that's okay too.  Whew!  I'm planning to tinker with overnight rates first, and then when I have that mostly figured out, I'll start on the daytime stuff.  Baby steps. 


  1. nice work, kimface. i hope you're able to meet up with other t1 in NE. they'll be lucky to have you around :D

  2. I'm so glad you had this interaction with your PA. Since I've been in the DOC, I've just started blurting out to everyone that I have diabetes. I totally told my APN at the high risk clinic to give out my name and send me names and the result was that one of these T1 women gave me a recommendation an endo right across the hall. It was a good move. If you are ever in Chicago you can come to our meet up!


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