Friday, August 13, 2010

D-Feast Friday.

Last night at the grocery store, A and I decided to start out with some drinks from the coffee stand they have there. (Who drinks espresso at 8:00 at night? I do, I do!)  After I had asked the teenage girl working there about nutritional information, she compliantly pulled out a beefy binder, and looked up my chosen drink for me. 44g of carb? Yikes. Maybe I shou… well, okay, fine, I talked myself into it. (Coffee is a weakness.)

I pulled out my Ping and was ready to dial myself up a bolus, when I saw the screen and though, “Crap.” I had planned to refill my pump after I’d eaten dinner, but completely spaced it off, and now I was had 1 unit remaining. (Hey, I had puppies to post – who had time to think about anything else?) Luckily, in the last few months I’ve convinced myself that carrying a backup Humalog pen is a good idea. I hadn’t said anything to A about the situation yet, so when he saw me get out a pen and start dialing up, he said “Oh, wow, you’re going old school. Is your pump out?” “Yep.”

I had lifted the bottom of my shirt a bit and was cranked back, ready to inject. Since my infusion site was on my upper stomach, and my pump was on my hip bone, some of the tubing was exposed along with those few inches of my stomach. Never being one to miss an opportunity to make me giggle (even when the timing isn’t great), A waited until the last second to loudly whisper in a pseudo-panic, “Don’t stab the tubing!!”

I don’t know why that made me laugh so hard, but it did. Let it be noted: laughing is not the best thing to be doing when you’ve got a shard of metal in your stomach at that moment.

So, now that I've shared the lead-up story, I’m going to participate in D-feast Friday and share a recipe. Well, it’s not a recipe really – more of a recommendation.  If you use creamer in your coffee, I highly suggest this stuff. It’s amazingly delicious, gluten-free, and low carb.  Ta da!


  1. i drink silk light chocolate soymilk and it's DELICIOUS! yum. ~C

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