Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So It Goes.

A reenactment:

Saturday morning, fasting:


::mumbles profanities under breath; pulls out meter::

Meter: 528


Sunday morning, fasting:

CGM: 285

::grumbles; pulls out meter::

Meter: 265


Monday morning, fasting:

CGM: 312

::profanities again; pulls out meter::

Meter: 249


Tuesday morning, fasting:

CGM: 332

::dramatic groan; boluses off of CGM reading because this is now four mornings in a row; then pulls out meter::

Meter: 175

Dramatically looks at ceiling as she contains her rage


  1. I felt your pain. In my heart.

  2. "...as she contains her rage."

    It sounds like you're having something I call a Bullet With Butterfly Wings kind of week. I get them too, and they suck, and it seems like there's no way out. But eventually the rage will wear off, and when it does, pop in Siamese Dream, skip to Track 3, and put it on "repeat". You'll have some of the greatest days you've ever known.

    Billy Corgin will help you through... he always does for me. I'm sure you get my reference.

    Or maybe it's just that the cannula is a vampire...