Friday, February 21, 2014

What I'm Reading.

The DOC (and beyooooond!) has shared some really thoughtful and entertaining writing that I've enjoyed
this week, and I wanted to point you to a few places:

Sara at Moments of Wonderful reflects not so much on the "Miss Manners" controversy itself, but how some of our community chose to respond to it. "Last week the diabetes online community helped raise over $26,000 for people who are dying without access to insulin and education. This week, the diabetes online community told a 75 year old woman to 'eat' things and 'suck' things that I would not repeat in polite company or impolite company."

Another view on Miss Manners' advice comes from a fellow chronic disease patient advocate, Carly. She hits the nail on the head: "This is the sort of thinking that reinforces the stigma of illness – the more it is concealed the easier it becomes for people to (wrongly) assume it’s not a problem that warrants solving."

I've been binge-reading the blog The Sugars, penned by a "twenty-something" named Libby. This post talks about how she handled questions about her insulin pump while trying to snorkel ("come on guys, i’m not in any position to be answering questions right now, i’m pretending to be a navy seal going into a top – secret aquatic mission to save the world from mass destruction. or just like, focusing on not drowning once i get in"), and in this one she manages to both quote Drake and introduce a cool mini-series of (real life!) fitness stories from some fellow PWD young adults.

The site Faces of Diabetes is the creation of Edward, a PWD and photographer. In his words: "I made this project in hopes that you will be inspired and learn about how diabetes has affected other people's lives. Diabetes may seem rough when you don’t know anyone else that lives with it, but rest assured there are plenty of us out there…and we are going to show you!"

And lastly, Scott's review of Kerri's book, Balancing Diabetes, is so worth a read. I couldn't have said it any better myself, but I'll try at some point soon.

Happy Friday!


  1. Kim! So glad you're enjoying The Sugars! I appreciate your support :-)

  2. Thanks for the mention, Kim! I have no doubt that your thoughts and words about Kerri's book will be a masterpiece. :-)

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