Friday, April 19, 2013

Week Twenty-Three.

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At the casual suggestion of my regular OB, I made a trip to Walgreens to check these things out. While my BP readings in her office tend to be towards the high side of "okay", that may also be a bit of white coat syndrome (at other doctor appointments recently, I've had more in-range numbers, just to keep things interesting/concerning). And because I'm already used to monitoring other things really closely during these remaining four-ish months (four! months! what!), I figured one more doohickey wouldn't be a big deal. One of the most feasible reasons that Baby Girl may need to come early is my blood pressure - pre-eclampsia and all that - so I'd rather be on top of things. (To clarify, I'm not saying that they think she will need to come early yet, but I am saying that it's something we're watching.)

Thanks to some help from friends on Twitter, I landed on the Omron 7 Series wrist monitor, and I'll be bringing it with me to my next appointment to check it against the real deal armcuff-y one. And here's hoping they match up - all readings at home have been happy ones. (Yeah!)

In less important news, I discovered a coffee house nearby that has decaf hazelnut and I wanted to hug that barista so hard. Why is it so difficult to find flavored decaf coffee around here?

And then back to more important stuff, I see that Animas/Johnson & Johnson have finally submitted their integrated pump and CGM combo, the Vibe, to the FDA for approval. Let's not even talk about how when I ordered my Ping four years ago they were talking about upgrading to the Vibe three months from then... the part I'd rather focus on is how my pump warranty will be up this fall, and I am really hoping that the Vibe can be among my options this go-round. Not having to cart around the receiver (though it sounds like I'd still hang onto the one I have now even if I got the Vibe, from reading that DiabetesMine article linked above) would be lovely - one less thing to worry about/take up space in the diaper bag.

One last thing - Baby Girl's BFF was born yesterday, as I became an aunt for the first time. My goodness are babies tiny! I can't wait to meet mine. :)

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Babies are the best little blessings that we can receive!


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