Friday, April 26, 2013

Week Twenty-Four.

Remember four weeks ago when I said I was "in the tail-end of that 'is she or isn't she?' phase of roundess? 

My bump, my bump, my bump, my bump. My lovely baby bump. Check it out!

Duuuuude, she is. I've reached a point where people have asked those around me to confirm, and co-workers are offering to lift heavy things for me. Strangers are smiling, holding more doors open and I may soon break out with an "I'm up here, buddy" as I catch people eyeing my belly.

I'm fairly certain that insulin resistance is starting to take hold now. (Cue sad face.) There are times I have a handle on things (top left image, right before the chaos, anyway), but then a few carbs/the wind/looking at a cracker will just send me to the moon. Onward, basal rates and other adjustments!

I mentioned on Monday that my Dexcom receiver busted ("busted" meaning that the button ring fell out), and it took me until yesterday to actually get around to calling Dexcom. Normally that would be okay, but I sort of forgot that I'm leaving town on Sunday (more on that in a minute) and forgot that I'd need the new receiver before then. The gal I spoke to at Dexcom was helpful, and offered that since the black receivers were currently backordered by a day - and thus, one wouldn't arrive until Monday - she could send me a different color. I don't know why I got pink; I think I must have blacked out for a second. But in the end, the hue of my receiver is far less important than having a receiver at all, so I'm delighted that I won't have to travel with a busted medical device.

I'm fairly enamored with the baby legs tutorials I've found on Pinterest, and had a go at making a pair a few days ago. My sewing machine also decided to bust right after that, though I can't confirm whether the two events are related. Right now I have a bunch of cut-up socks laying around and it's driving me crazy that I can't finish them.

Okay, and then to circle-back to the travel comment: from Sunday through Tuesday, my footlong sub* and I will be traveling to Indianapolis for Lilly Diabetes' third second annual Blogger Summit. (Disclosure: Lilly Diabetes is covering the expenses of my travel, lodging, and meals during the summit.)  I hope that our DOC group will be able to walk away from this event thinking, "yeah, we actually got a list of actionable items to work on together in the coming year, and I feel my time here was productive for the diabetes community as a whole". We've been told there will be more info given on the Lilly/Disney partnership, as well as a tour of an insulin manufacturing facility and a meeting with some of Lilly Diabetes' leadership team.

If you have something you feel we should bring up to Lilly while we're there - please leave it in the comments below, and I'll do my best!

*One of this week's pregnancy tracking email updates likened the current estimated size of Baby Girl to a footlong sub, which I found particularly cruel as cold cut subs are on the "hell to the no" food list and now all I want is a darn turkey and cheese sandwich.

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  1. You look so happy! I love it!

    See ya in a day or two. :-)

  2. You look so lovely, Kimmels. (AHHH. Sorry.) And I feel you so much on the turkey-and-cheese sandwich cravings. That was my first food request after having Birdy, and every bite was heaven. Mmmmm ... nitrates! ;)

  3. Kim--don't know if this is the kind of question you want to ask Lilly but I haven't been able to get a satisfactory answer from any pharmacy or from Lilly's helpline (after speaking with two people and being on hold for 50 minutes!).

    It's time to refill my daughter's Rx for glucagon. However, here it is the end of April and every pharmacy I call does not have any glucagon kits with expiration dates later than 2/2014. I want our glucagon to last at least a year until 4/2014. I've called at least 5 pharmacies; I've been told that it is a Lilly problem but no one at Lilly could tell me what's going on.

    It seems irresponsible for Lilly to allow pharmacies to fill Rx if the date of expiration is less than one year. We've always assumed that our glucagon is good for a year and that's how often we get a Rx from our endo. If we accepted one of the kits that are currently available, this means the glucagon would expire before we were able to refill again.

    If you could find out any info. on this, I'd appreciate it.



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