Friday, March 1, 2013

Week Sixteen.

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  • The "epic lows" stage seems to have now been replaced by a "sometimes you're running low, but when you're high it's those really sticky ones that won't come down with just one correction bolus" era, which is probably not the technical term for what's happening now, but it alludes to my frustration. My endo and I are meeting every two weeks (sometimes it's with her nurse instead, but it's still the same routine) so that she can download my pump and CGM data and take a stab at what the heck is going on. Just when we think we've conquered overnight lows, the afternoons creep northward. When that gets reigned in, post-breakfast tomfoolery strikes. I know that pregnancy with type 1 diabetes is a game of darts where the target is always moving, but man, this is hard. 
  • So. Much. Blood. Between lab draws for the endo and the ones for my OB, I may run out of veins. Does that happen? Is that a thing?
  • Pregnancy is bringing more fun friends along, like Stuffy/Runny Nose and the infamous Pregnancy Brain. Drinking buckets of water doesn't help that whole "always have to pee" thing, but it sure helps the nasal situation, so yay? And as for the cranium fog, I nearly lost Billy last night as I forgot to affix his leash before opening the front door to let him do his thing. He trotted down the driveway just as I was thinking, "...wait, something's not... OH MY GOD GET BACK HERE", and once I discovered that my worried/panicky/angry voice wasn't going to get him back within 15 feet of me, I switched to the sing-songy/happy/good dog voice, and wouldn't you know? He sat his butt right down, waited for me, and let me pick him up. Thank goodness, because I would have cried all of that aforementioned water right out if something happened to that little fluffball.
  • The Liz Lange maternity pants at Target have pockets. WORKING POCKETS! This changes everything.
  • Many folks have asked us if we will be finding out the gender of the baby - the answer to that is "yes", but not as soon as I'd like. See, normally the next ultrasound would be at 18 weeks, but since I'm a high-risk rockstar* I get to have extra stuff, apparently. I'll be getting a Level 2 ultrasound at 20 weeks, and because the Level 2 one is required, that makes the 18 week (far less fancy) ultrasound optional for us - so given the amount of appointments (read: copays) in our future this year, we opted to not tack on another expense by doubling up on ultrasounds (and, therefore, finding out gender at 20 weeks instead of 18).
  • In less baby-ish news, the folks at KIND emailed me asking if I was familiar with their stuff. I had seen some granola bars and whatnot in the grocery store, but I'd never tried it, so they were nice enough to send me a slightly ginormous box of stuff to test out. (Sending free food to a pregnant lady is always a good idea; btw. It was very, um, KIND of them.) (Sorry; I'll stop.) So far I've tried out one of the types of granola and a few of the bars, and I'm developing a crush like whoa. Have you had the apricot and almond with yogurt bar? Imagine how the Girl Scouts' Caramel Delights taste; now replace the chocolate with yogurt and the caramel with apricot. It tastes like that, and it is divine, and everything is gluten-free and made with stuff I can actually pronounce and we need matching BFF necklaces because please stay in my life.
  • If you are having a bad day, remember: at least your hit song wasn't remixed by a goat.

*self-prescribed term that seems much more enjoyable than "high risk pregnancy"


  1. Saline spray and Breathe Right nose tabs worked WONDERS for me during my second pregnancy during the WORST of my allergy season.

  2. Ooh - The KIND bars sound {KINDa} yum. Might have to try those. Larabars taste like cardboard. :-/

  3. I love your dog. What a sweetie.

    And I love KIND bars! There was just a nice Groupon for them, but it looks like you are set for life.

  4. Um, I hope, in the pic with Billy, that your hub is up getting you something for that 62 with a downward arrow? Or maybe you're enjoying one of those KIND bars:) Those sound great...thanks for the info! And I think "rockstar" is an appropriate name for someone who is caring so well for theirself and their baby.

  5. I love this - and though your pregnancy brain may make you forgetful at times, it seems to have increased your wonderful sense of humor and your overall blogging abilities, which were already stellar!

    Glad you're doing so well! I had 2 healthy babies with type 1 diabetes 23 and 19 years ago, with shots and a meter, so it can be done. I do remember the challenge of patterns changing almost daily though - no fun!
    best wishes!

  6. Week 16 is when things started to get wonky for me too! Weird post breakfast highs that I never ever had before (eating the same exact breakfast!!). Lows right before bed. Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason. I'm guessing hormone surges. Now I'm week 19 and things have evened out for the past couple days. Since I've said that, I'm sure today will be a rollercoaster ride. Oh, and the only thing that seemed to help those highs come down would be to correct with a bolus and take a 15 min walk. Worked like a charm!

  7. Do you think they make that shirt in my size?

  8. The BFF/KIND bar paragraph was GOLD :]. The only one I have had is the one in the Bag of Awesome at Medicine-X, but I might have to go on some kind of KIND adventure now :].

    Re: the sinuses, I (apparently) have rhinitis (which I did not know was a problem until the doctor told me things were not good haha)--I'm terrible at remembering to use the saline but it DOES work well for me, as do nasal steroids (because, you know, I snort, inhale and occasionally swallow steroids :).)


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