Friday, March 8, 2013

Week Seventeen: A Diabetic Pregnancy Poem.

I've embarked on a journey where
My mind, body, and spirit will try
To balance a growing baby
With a depleted beta cell supply.

It's of upmost importance 
To keep my glucose levels appealing.
I'm reacting so swiftly 
To every number, every alarm, every feeling.

But it's really quite challenging 
Because all of it has importance -
In range numbers, and more food.

Alas, those two don't often jive.
Most times, they fight and bicker.
"You need a lot of carbs!"
That's the real kicker.

I'm trying my very best,
Though meter results don't always reflect it.
I'm doing everything I know how
For this little one, so I can protect it.

However, I am realistic
And I recognize there's no perfection.
And where I seem to "fail"
It's not a personal reflection.

I have diabetes!
This is how it it works, you see!
It will - oh hang on a minute,
I once again have to pee.

This pregnancy can be fun,
But it's also a lot of work.
The doctors, the labs
The worries that lurk.

Let's not even talk about
Future childcare or school.
It's overwhelming to think that far ahead.
One thing at a time, fool.

So for now, I'll stick to now.
Only 23 weeks left to go!
I'll be sewing and crafting and ordering and unpacking -
I think this is called "nesting like whoa".

Every time I take one of these, I just feel like
I'm taking a picture of my hand. (And now you know
what the restroom at work looks like.)


  1. Love your poem! And your belly picture is beautiful Kim!!

  2. I love that you're posting the photos! You look so cute!

  3. If you don't mind, I'm going to save this poem so one day, if I am pregnant, I can read it and know that others have walked this path before me.

  4. You Can Do... You Are Doing This.

  5. Awesome and so inspirational! Good luck!

    --Jill Dade

  6. Very inspiring. Reminded me I am not supposed to read d-blogs in public.


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