Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week Thirteen.

Second trimester say whaaaaaaaa?

I'm still feeling good - so good in fact that I often feel badly when I'm asked, "so, how are you feeling?" (often delivered with that concerned and empathetic eyebrow-squishing move - you know the one, right?), because I feel as though I should meet their concern with reason for it - and there is none. No nausea. Little to no food aversion (though Aaron's chinese food the other night did leave me thinking that I'd never eat sesame chicken again, if given the choice), and no weird food cravings. It's just been more of the same - a tendency to run low if anything, a pleasing ability to bolus right as I begin eating (as opposed to pre-bolusing 15 minutes ahead, which is my norm), and a general case of sleepyheadedness.

And we can now add "epic pregnancy-induced clumsiness" to the list.

Clockwise, from top left: beginnings of baby bump; a "good" day; a "what the hell happened" day; my broken heart.

Yesterday, somehow, I managed to drop my phone iBGStar-first into the dog's food dish. As a friend put it, it seemed to have landed on its self-destruct button, because it busted into a bunch of unrecognizable and unsalvageable pieces. (Actually, I just think it's the weight of the phone - and landing in a ceramic dish - that did it, but I like the other imagery better.) I've been finding the iBGStar app data and charts immensely useful during pregnancy, so I was disheartened to lose it. I'm using my Verio IQ in the meantime (a fine meter itself), and I found out this morning that Sanofi will send me a replacement iBGStar, so my data withdrawal symptoms should only last for another 24 hours or so. Woo!

I'm also noticing some old wives tales rearing their heads - if you can believe those sorts of things - which has Aaron and I (and all of our families) guessing the gender. We will be able to find out at my OB appointment next month, and I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait that long.

In the meantime, I'll be eating fruit by the foot (as in amount, not the candy, because gross) and restraining myself from buying any more gender-neutral footed onsies.


  1. Was pleased to see your photo on the back page and even a story about you in the latest issue of Diabetic Living. I read every issue cover to cover but I always look at the back page first. You're lookin good!!!

  2. Have you consulted the Chinese Gender Calendar? It's never wrong. Never!

    1. Ha! I didn't even know such a thing existed until I Googled it just now. :)

  3. You mention doing less pre-bolusing when you eat... I'm 11 weeks pregnant now with my second kid and noticing this starting now. I only vaguely remember this from last time around... is it because our digestive systems slow down? I'm sure I'll get used to it, but at the moment I'm having trouble adjusting to the new pattern.

  4. I'm so excited for you guys! When I was pregnant with my second son, I couldn't drink enough milk. I've never been one to drink milk before (or after) so it was the only craving I experienced. I once drove to a Dairy Barn (drive up store) and asked for a quart of milk and downed it before I realized I didn't pay for it yet!!

    Hoping the "good days" beat out the "what the hell happened days"!

  5. I'm excited for you and glad you're feeling so good.

    In only semi-related news, I'm finally getting a Dexcom system {should arrive today if a certain blue and green delivery service doesn't screw up} and I watched all your how-to vids on youtube. They helped immensely & I'm not even scared or worried about inserting my first sensor. Thanks so much!

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  7. Just started reading your blog and I'm delighted to read about someone experiencing the same thing as me (and at almost the same time...I'm 15 weeks along with my second). During my first pregnancy, I knew no one with diabetes and avoided the Internet. It was very isolating! None of my pregnant friends could relate to being pregnant with type 1, and I was newly diagnosed and felt all on my own. I laughed aloud at your post because I spend every night waking up with a Dexcom beeping in my ear that I'm "LOW", only to find that I'm 86! I look forward to reading your posts as I join you in the crazy ride that is a diabetic pregnancy!

  8. Holy destruction, batman! I didn't know a meter could even break that hard, yo!

  9. I took one of those super-expensive drugstore predictor tests...which predicted a boy.And in my mind, so that was the excuse I needed not to have to think about girls names until the all-confirming-ultrasound.(We'd already decided on a boy's name) But its fun to speculate. (I don't know how people choose to go the whole pregnancy without knowing the sex..I couldn't do that!)

  10. I don't think my meter was as destroyed as yours when I accidentally ran over it with the lawn mower

  11. Congrats on the pregnancy!! I had two really "easy" pregnancies and I always told people that since I have Type 1, the universe gave me nausea-free pregnancies! I was seriously hiking a week before I gave birth! I really enjoyed being preggo, but don't ever say that out loud in a room full of moms! The low blood sugars continue after the baby if you decide to breast feed!


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