Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lost Opportunity.

The CWS game we tried to go to today was postponed because of rain for over 4 hours.  (We gave up around the 3 hour mark.)  But, walking around outside the stadium, I made a discovery.  As we were waiting to cross the street with the hordes of other people, I saw a guy behind us, with a familiar device attached to his belt clip, tubing all crazy and not tucked in.  An Animas Ping!  And it was silver, just like mine! 

As excited as I was to see this, and as much as I wanted to go over to him and shriek, "You're wearing an insulin pump!  So am I!  I have the same exact one!  See?!", I didn't.  For one, it would have been awkward, as I would have had to reach up my shirt to retrieve my pump, which was clipped to my bra.  Second, there was a small crowd between us - and third, we just then got the signal that we could cross the street.  I can't help but feel remorseful about this.  In addition, I probably spent the next 30 minutes scanning the crowd to see if I could find this guy again.  I wanted to know - did he have T1 or T2?  (I recently found out some T2's use them as well - so I can no longer assume pump = T1!)  Did he also use a CGM?  How long had he been using a pump?  I had so many questions. 

It's not often (actually, pretty much has never happened) that I randomly run into another of "my kind".  I know a few other T1's in real life, but none of them live within an hour of me.  It would have been nice to, even for a few minutes, be able to chat with someone face-to-face who walks in my shoes.  Next time.  Next time.


  1. just after i read this, i spied a pharmacy intern working at the hospital wearing a little silver ping. i couldn't figure out a good way to bring it up, so i ended up not saying anything. oh, sigh. we should get past our fear of awkward moments. :o)

  2. I know! In some situations, I am very outgoing, and in others - well, not so much. :)


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