Monday, January 19, 2015


If I ignore the buzzing, the arrows will magically change direction. Look at me, laying here in bed defiantly! Ha HA!

Can I wish it away? Like, really, really wish? Or just pretend I didn't hear it? This will totally work this time.

Absolutely, I should eat peanut butter straight out of the jar. And these cookies. And a glass of almond milk. And more cookies. And bread with butter. Is butter a carb?

I can totally finish vacuuming this room, first. Now I'll go... oooo, that spill on the counter. I forgot about that. Gotta wipe that up. Now, where was... the window! It still has smears on it! First things first.

That conversation I half-remember having with my husband earlier today was clearly about how he shouldn't trust my judgement when I'm low, which means that he will obviously wake out of a deep sleep just because my CGM beeped once and will know, without speaking, that he needs to procure some quick-acting carbs for me RIGHT NOW. Wait.. still snoring. NOW. I'll just lay here a bit more. He'll wake up. Didn't we just talk about this? I'm pretty sure it was about me being low. So he'll wake up..... now. 

It's not logic. It's low-gic.


  1. Love the pun. I did, in fact, have this discussion with my spouse a couple of years back (or, she had the discussion with me). It was hard to say "Yes, if I'm not acting rationally, or you THINK I'm not acting rationally, you have full authority to make me ingest the carbs".

  2. Yep, raising hand, I've totally done the same thing. :-)

  3. Cute. I'm prone to saying the most ridiculous, bullshit things when I'm low. 'Cause, you know, they sound hilarious in my head. "My wife BEATS me!"

  4. The procrastinating one is totally me. "I'll just send one more email, review one more report, service one more car, then I'll go take care of this. Diabetes will totally wait for me."

  5. When my mother's blood sugar was running low, I knew to not trust her judgement! I knew what she needed right away. Really enjoyed reading this!