Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Keep Going."

The minutiae of my diabetes life is looking pretty blurry lately - it's less "paying close attention" and more "auto-pilot".

I dipped my pinky toe into the CGM in the Cloud waters last week by downloading Chromadex, and thereby downloading (for the first time, at home) my Dexcom G4 CGM data onto my Macbook. It's hard to believe I'm doing well when those pie charts are predominantly lemon.

But, as a famous fish once said, I need to just keep swimming. It may not feel comfortable or look pretty or get me very far, but it's worth doing.

Or, another way: just keep going.

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(You can find the photo set for these "Words of Hope" on the You Can Do This Project Facebook page.)


  1. Diabetes burn-out after pregnancy is COMPLETELY normal. We are SO "on top" of things while pregnant that after the kiddo gets here, we just go BLAH. Between that and exhaustion and auto-pilot is pretty standard. Did it with both my kiddos. You know there are changes to be made and you will get there. Just take it one thing at a time. :)

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