Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Am An Awkward Turtle?

I have two stories to share from this week. The first tale doesn't have much point, except to let you know how absurdly awkward I can be (and so that you may have a laugh). The second one has a smidge more relevance.

On Tuesday, I was meeting up with a couple friends for bowling. I'll mention here that I don't bowl often, so this wasn't a normal stop for me (and hence, I was not familiar with this particular parking lot's terrain). It's also all kinds of wintery (read: snow and ice) in Nebraska right now. Have I given myself enough excuses? Okay.

I parked and attempting to vacate my car, but it turns out I couldn't stick the landing. With my right foot still in my vehicle, my left foot swiftly slid forward (I was also holding onto the car door and steering wheel) on that skating rink of a parking lot. I remember thinking, "Nooooo..." as my body then did this swivel move, and I ended up halfway under my car. On my bum. Missing a shoe. (It hopped off of my foot mid-fall and stayed in the car, alright? I couldn't blame it. I would rather have been there, too.)

I had to sit there for a few seconds, to make sure I was still all in once piece. Then I sat a few more seconds, waiting for either the snickering or "Are you okay?"s to start. I heard nothing.

I pulled myself up and looked around - no one had seen me! Huzzah! Still hurt, though. (I'm fine now.)

And then yesterday, my three-month order of Dexcom sensors was scheduled to arrive via FedEx. Beloved Dexcom sensors! I have them sent to my work address, as they won't get left out in the cold that way (their accuracy and such can get compromised when exposed to extreme temperatures).

For reasons that escape me, I must have asked that they were sent to my house. You know - outside. Where no one was there to retrieve them from the aforementioned snow and ice.

I'm smooth like that.

Luckily, my parents live close to us and my mom (bless her heart) was able to drive to my house and rescue them (thanks Mom!), but not before I had a minor meltdown about it. That would be one expensive ice cube.

Here's hoping your week was far less cringe-worthy than mine. Happy weekend!


  1. When I have falls like that I kind of want someone else to see them because they're almost unbelievable. :) All my weeks are cringe-worthy...I'm alright with that. :)

  2. I once rode a skateboard underneath a parked car... yup... still have lots of scars from that adventure.

  3. Amanda, that sounds awful! But, then again you don't get stories like that from being safe :)


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