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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Good Distractions.

That time when your daughter wonders what's so funny about that shiny, glowing thing Mom is laughing at:

(For the record, it was this, and thanks go to Charli for pointing me to it and all its fluffy, well-coiffed glory. I don't know why I find this so funny, but I was giggling endlessly about it yesterday.)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

6 Months.

To my littlest Wabbit,

Happy half-birthday! How are you six months old? You've already busted a tooth through your gums and are demolishing vegetables (avocados seem to be a favorite) like a champ. If this pace holds steady I imagine next week will involve driving lessons and the completion of college applications. Please slow down. It's all going so fast.

You accidentally rolled from your back to your tummy a few weeks ago which left your parents quite excited, but we haven't seen you replicate it since. No matter - judging by how strong those sweet, chubby legs of yours are, you'll probably just skip straight to walking. Skipping, maybe. I can tell you have big plans in the works.

You have claimed your father's beard as your property/handle; holding onto it (for dear life) every time he feeds you. You've tried to grab for my beard as well - except that I don't have one, so I guess my bare chin will do. Also, allow me to say here that there is no need to claw and scratch my chin while you're eating. I prefer to keep my skin, please and thank you.

Some verbs most often associated with classic Disney characters seem to fit you - "charming", "enchanting" come to mind. Your grins come so easily, and your laughs - they are the absolute best. Recently you've realized just how hilarious our dog is, and any time Billy wiggles around on the carpet, or releases a tempered bark, or enjoys a spoonful of peanut butter, you erupt in giggles. (Related note: Billy now eats spoonfuls of peanut butter on the regular, always within view of you. Funny coincidence.) Billy has also noticed that you're now in the "dispensing treats" business, and has smartly taken post next to your highchair at meal times. Who knows what treasures might fall to him? You're so generous.

But most of all, your dad and I have loved watching your sweet personality develop in these last few months. I know I'm biased, but I think you're the awesomest little lady I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I look forward to all the things we can teach each other in the coming years.

I have to tell you, little Rabbit, that the last half year has been the happiest time I can recall. Everything in life just seems so much better now that you're here. Thank you for that.

I love you,


Monday, October 22, 2012

Upcycling: T-Shirt Scarf.

I've been addicted to Pinterest feeling crafty lately, and had the urge to make something out of something else. The hip kids call this "upcycling". I called it "how I spent my Friday night".

Pinterest lead me to this lovely idea at a blog called Ninth & Bird:

Super cute, yes? Aaron and I thinned out our closets recently, which meant that I have a bag of clothes that I didn't have a use for and will probably be in my trunk for weeks that I'll drop off for donation THIS WEEK.

Armed with some "old" t-shirts, scissors, and the internet, I got to work. I've mentioned how much I love scarves, right? Yeah. I obviously need more.

Super easy to make! If you want to make your own:

1. Go you, being all crafty and such!
3. For instructions on how to make one of these, go visit Ninth & Bird and use her tutorial!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Girl Walk. All Day.

In the spirit of Wordless Wednesday but without actually following any of its rules, I'm sharing this film trailer. If you're not familiar with the mashup artist Girl Talk, he smooshes a bunch of great songs together and what results is nothing short of brilliant. He can use tracks from Jay-Z, Radiohead, Lady Gaga, The Ramones, Remy Ma and the Jackson 5 and somehow it all just works together. I unapologetically love his music - it's my go-to music for feeling happy, spontaneously dancing, and generally perking up my mood.

Please note that the music he samples is not censored, so whatever language was in the original song will be in his version of it. In other words: NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK. This isn't for everyone, I realize. The film is quirky and a little weird. But "quirky and a little weird" is probably why I love it, and on the small chance that you'll love it too, I'm sharing.

Anyhoo, what does that have to do with a film? Someone made a 77-minute film with Girl Talk's album "All Day" as the soundtrack. It is the reason I'm a little bleary-eyed today; I only got through the first four "chapters" before I needed to let me head slam into the pillow last night. The premise, according to Boing Boing::
A young dancer finds herself disgruntled with her low-paying, mundane waitressing job. One day, she impulsively quits, then takes a ferry to the city. Feeling incredibly inspired by what she sees, Anne dances her way across New York, using the city as her stage. Throughout her journey, she meets characters of all types, including a series of like-minded dancers, who'll inspire new movements, engage her in small battles, and teach her to fear, love, laugh and live anew. From the ferry to museums, subways, ball games, bridges, bodegas, graveyards, flower shops, and more, Anne's journey will bring her far and wide. See the trailer, in full, at
And so, here you go. I hope it brings you the joy it brings me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Not Sick, But I'm Not Well.

It's tough to say where it started; I only know that it's here, now.

A need to force a smile. Joker's block. (That's like 'writer's block', but for humor, right?) A propensity to tear up at the small things (which, actually, is how I am all the time). More than one person asking lately, "Are you okay?", with me dismissing their concern.

I hesitate to call it depression - because I've felt that before, and what I'm feeling now both disseminates far less deeply and disappears far more quickly.  I'm thankful for my friends who share their experiences with depression, because it causes me to be more self-aware of my own state of things, and it helps me feel more okay about seeking help if that should be the case for me. (And this time, it really is me, not you guys.) But no, I don't think it's that. Not this time.

It's a general sense of "feeling down", and it's looming like a small raincloud over my head these past few weeks. Like Eeyore, but less endearing.

I'm working my way through it, day by day. Whether my mood actually becomes better or just becomes more manageable - I'm not sure.

And why? It has been a number of small things; things that when they occur don't seem like much, but when I zoom out to the big picture, I go "Oh. That. That's a lot of things. Makes sense now." (Apparently my internal monologue is full of staccato sentences.)

The difference here, and most of the reason I'm fairly certain this is more "being down" and not "being depressed", is that I am more equipped to work on these things. And - this being the big part - I don't let my stubbornness get in the way of deciding to act on those. I can recognize myself feeling this way about a particular aspect of life, and within a relatively short amount of time, I can say to myself "Okay, I can either continue to be mopey, or I can actually do something to improve my situation." I can identify tangible things I can do to help myself - for example, frustration with a current job could translate to brushing up the resumé and looking at what else is out there - instead of allowing myself to aimlessly wallow.

The part I've come to now is more difficult - dealing with the things I cannot effectively change. In the past week I've experienced loss of two sorts: an old friend, my age who had also had T1, passed away (not sure if that played into what happened or not), and I've gone through the emotional roller coaster with family as my sister-in-law first learned she was pregnant, and subsequently found she had miscarried. There are other situations as well.

I'm not sure what I'm really trying to say, other than to say that I'm here, and I'm waddling through a bit of stuff at the moment. Writing this also helps me mark down when I've felt this way - blogs are often an online journal, after all.

I'm reminding myself that I'm not powerless to work on some of it, and perhaps I just need to be a bit more patient with other aspects. And the rest? I'm not sure, but I'm doing what I can to deal with it in a healthy way.

(Post title nod to Harvey Danger.)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Kevin Bacon seems to be one of those pop culture references that comes up a lot.

Example: earlier today, I tweeted about how yucky a high blood sugar was making me feel, and a friend mused that it was the perfect time for some dancing. I agreed, but seeing as how I was at work, it wasn't really possible and I'd just have to deal. I then included the hashtag #whereiskevinbaconwhenyouneedhim, and the conversation eventually derailed to this.


Not Photoshopped. It really happened.

It's a fun *kapow* to have in those Bacon-flavored bouts of banter.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Billy's Birthday Blowout.

Billy Corgin turned one year old yesterday, and because I'm slightly ridiculous, I baked him a cake. And put a hat on him. And made him pose for pictures.

Totally normal, yeah?


Birthday car ride! (If only I were a bit taller...)

Homemade doggie cake - recipe lost to the Internet Gods. RIP 

Yes, I made him wear a stupid hat. With notches cut
out for his ginormous ears. Not that it stayed where
I put it, but I tried - and he was a good sport.

One good shot! Yes! (Notice I had to hold him back
from diving nose-first into that cake. He was EXCITED.

Nom nom nom...

Stick a paw in it. He's done.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nothing Says "Diabetes Blog" Like Pictures Of Corgis In Various Displays Of Winter Enjoyment.

Billy's first big snow! (There was much
more than this later on, but it got harder
to take pictures without getting very
expensive electronic equipment
wet and ruined.)

Enjoying a friend's tree (which provides
plenty of "shade" from their very large
Labradoodle puppy who will chase
Billy around the house until he just
gives up and lays down in defeat.
And exhaustion.)!

Reluctantly wearing his winter jacket.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Commissioned or Coincidence?

(This print is from While this piece was not commissioned, they do offer that - just sayin'.)

(But for serious - it's uncanny, right?)

(Not so "wordless". I know.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Dog Got Fan Mail, And It Is Awesome.

(Alternate titles: "What The What?", "It's Not Every Day That The Postman Brings You Questionable Dog Photos", and "Billy Corgin: Ladies' Dog".)

Well, this is a first:

It appears that my dog has an admirer. That admirer sent a love letter. Which also included some borderline salacious canine photos.

Note the lewd pose on the left. 
In case you can't read the letter, it says:

Dear Billy,

My mom knows your mom, and I think I love you. She says we should be friends first, and get to know each other, maybe at a park together. You are a smart, happy dog with short legs. Do you like small, feisty, fluffy and slightly older girls? I hope you do.



As it turns out, I may not be the only crazy dog lady out there. (Also, thank you for making me laugh so hard that I scared the dog, C. Totally worth it.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

An Unnecessary Quest.

Today's post will be classified under "other shenanigans".

I have a thing for lists, and for organization. Due to these two character traits, I felt compelled to follow through on an idea I had last week: What if I listened to a band on my iPod for every letter of the alphabet, in order?

The only letters I couldn't cover were X and Z. (Which, by the way, bothers me. But that's how this went down.) There's really no good reason to share this list, but I'm a blogger with need of a topic today, so here we are.

Adele:  19
Black Eyed Peas:  The E.N.D.  (I know; I'm not sure why, either.)
The Chemical Brothers:  Singles 93 - 03
The Decemberists:  Castaways and Cutouts
Eagles of Death Metal:  Death by Sexy
The Faint:  Fasciinatiion
Girl Talk:  Night Ripper (Girl Talk has ruined so, so many songs for me - but I can't stop listening. Sooo catchy!)
The Hold Steady:  The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me
Imogen Heap:  Speak For Yourself
Jay-Z:  The Black Album
Kenna:  Make Sure They See My Face
La Roux: self-titled
Muse:  Absolution
Neon Trees:  Habits
Operation Ivy:  Energy
Placebo:  self-titled
Queen:  Greatest Hits 1
Radiohead:  OK Computer (This album reminds me of college. That is all.)
Shiny Toy Guns:  We Are Pilots
Tenacious D: self-titled
U2:  The Joshua Tree
Vampire Weekend:  self-titled (Not even Tommy Hilfiger commercials can keep me away...)
The White Stripes:  De Stijl
Yeah Yeah Yeahs:  Show Your Bones